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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dyeing Silk Shoes

Dyeing Silk Shoes
All of our silk-satin shoes are dyeable to any color. Our in-house dye service will custom-mix all of the colors to match your fabric swatch. It is a process that involves mixing colors to get the right shade and adding a diluting solution to make it lighter or darker. (It doesn’t affect the size at all.)
 Some colors can be quite easy to mix, and others can be quite difficult.  We mix the color and then test it on fabric swatches until it’s right. (No matter how long it takes!)
 Lighting can affect the color immensely; daylight tends to wash out colors and evening light tends to add yellow tones to a color.  That’s why it’s so important to let your dyer know what lighting situation you will be in.
 If you are wearing the shoes on a rainy day, we recommend you wear another pair of shoes until you get inside.  Although the dye will not run off, it might water- stain a bit.  Silk shoes can be waterproofed with a fabric protecting spray, but we don’t recommend it since it seals the fabric and the shoes cannot be re-dyed.  If they get a bit dirty during the wedding or event, the shoes can always be dyed a darker color later.  Most of our customers end up having the shoes dyed black; it’s always great to have a classic pair of evening shoes in your wardrobe.

Have fun with the shoe color, whether you decide to match a gorgeous gown color or go with a contrasting tone…color can add just the right touch.  Many brides opt for pinks, blues, silver and gold shades or reds.  It’s a great way to express your individuality and wear a pair of shoes that are unique to your own style.

Click the link to our “Gallery” page to see shoes we have dyed. 
Pictured above is style "Annabel" dyed red,  even the ornament is dyeable.