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Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is a Spectator Shoe?

Have you ever heard the term “Spectator Shoe” and have not been quite sure what it means?
A spectator is known is a women’s shoe that comes in a two-tone color.  Most often seen in black and white or brown and white combinations, it is generally a summer shoe and often has ventilation or decorative perforations or cuts.  Often the accent color is on the heel and toe-cap and has a crisp, clean look.
     They originated in the 1800’s to take the place of spats, whose original purpose was to protect shoes and clothing from dirt and grass stains.  In the 1920’s they were popularized by the Prince of Wales who often wore them to play golf and to sporting events.  Coco Chanel was inspired by the crisp, clean lines and menswear feel in the 1950’s.  The 1980’s again saw a revival of the spectator style and now they are often associated with 1930’s swing style and worn by urban hipsters for a retro- vintage look.
     We here at Peter Fox love Spectator shoes and have produced many variations and color combos over the years.  They have an amazing way of pulling even the simplest outfit together and always look fresh and modern.