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Saturday, February 18, 2012

1980's Flashback...Bridal styles of the 80's

We were looking through some of our older magazine editorials the other day and it struck us at how different wedding styles are now than they were in the 80's.
When Peter Fox started doing shoes in 1982 it was the Reagan Era, Dynasty was a top TV show and women were power dressing.  Excess was in and shoulders were large.  This also applied to wedding styles, dresses had so many "over the top" details.  Big shoulders, "Leg of mutton" sleeves, lots of lace and big wreath-like headpieces. Brides wore white stockings often in lace patterns and shoes were much heavier and heels were lower. The most famous bride of the decade, Princess Diana, epitomized this style with her huge ruffled dress and long train.

Here are a few pictures from our archives, the first three feature earlier Peter Fox Shoes, the rest are just fun to look at.

Princess Diana
The iconic Billy Idol White Wedding Album cover
Luke and Laura from General Hospital, One of the most
watched TV Weddings